King of the Hammers 2022

Can Am Suspension

2022 King of the Hammers

Undoubtedly one of the most challenging single day offroad races. Even though events are spread out of the course of 2 weeks. Last year ARD was out for the desert race. This year Mitch and Jeremy ran the rocks, in the Stock Turbo class. Mitchell wanted to race using the bolt on Can Am suspension kits he manufacturers. 


Can Am Suspension

Race day

Waking up with temperatures in the low 20's; the sun began to crest the mountains as the cars staged warming things up slightly. 

Months of preparation, coaching and effort from our team, we completed the gnarly 2022 KOH rock race. Approximately one month ago, I drove the rocks for the first time in Johnson Valley. Coached by Cameron Steele and time spent with Wayne Alltech, I quickly developed a skill set to be comfortable in the rocks. Rock racing is extremely unique form of racing as it takes a high level of precision and commitment to overcome the obstacles presented.

After days of prerunning, multiple prerunners worn out and more man hours than we can count, our team took the green flag to later drive straight to the checkered flag.

Race day wasn’t as smooth as we had anticipated with a broken axle over Chocolate Thunder and a damaged radius rod later in the day miles before the finish. Overall, we would land 22nd in the 130+ field of cars. Our Can Am Maverick X3 was on point, it’s simply amazing what a stock unit can do.

There is an endless list of individuals to make this happen, you all know who you are and I will forever be grateful because without you, none of this is possible. 


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King of the Hammers

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