Best In The Desert Parker 250: 2022 Parker 250

Best In the Desert Parker 250

Alsup Racing Development at the Best In The Desert Parker 250, getting the new race car through tech and being interviewed by CBS sports.

What's new in 2022

For ARD it's the introduction of the Pro Stock class in the Best In the Desert racing series.

Pro Stock is a limited, restrictor plate class. Meaning the cars can only:

  • - Go 85mph (not quite 88 so we aren't going back to the future).
  • - Limited track width and wheelbase.
  • - Maximum 15-gal fuel tank.


Can Am Suspension


Pro Stock

What's great about this class is that the Alsup Racing Team is using the parts they manufacture and sell on this website to go racing. 





 2022 Parker 250 results 

Alsup Racing ended up first in class on the day and looking forward to the next one!

Can Am Racing

 Can Am Suspension

 UTV racing


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